Steel & Heavy Industries

steelThe steel and heavy industries represent the heart of the core sector, directly impacting the economic growth of the country.The S&ISB Group provides a wide basket of security services to the segment to ensure safety of assets and other resources.

Food & Beverages

foodThe FMCG sector represents the consumption habits, tastes and preferences of people in their daily life. The S&ISB Group offers comprehensive security, janitorial and pest management services in this customer segment.


automobileThe automobiles segment is an integral part and indicator of the health of any economy, not only helping drive core resource sectors of iron and steel, aluminium and oil & gas, but also strengthening societal growth through providing mobility solutions.The S&ISB Group is deeply engaged in providing manned guarding and janitorial services to the automobile industry in addition to surveillance solutions.


constructionThe construction segment represents a core part of the economy, with its history of being the largest employment generators and its growth having a direct correlation with the GDP.The S&ISB Group offers a vast bouquet of services for the segment comprising guarding, janitorial, pest management and electronic security services to ensure a safe and hygienic business environment.

Chemical & Industrial Gases

chemicalThis segment provides fertilisers and other chemicals that strengthening the agrarian backbone of the Indian economy in addition to catering to other downstream industries. The S&ISB Group is engaged in providing extensive security and pest management control services to the sector, creating a clean and hygienic environment.


engineeringThe engineering sector is a key facilitator of economic growth providing cutting edge products and solutions. The S&ISB Group offers comprehensive security and general pest management services for the sector.


paperThe paper industry ensures wide availability of this writing and storage medium to vast swathes of businesses, industries and individuals and is a part of the core sector industries. The S&ISB Group provides a wide range of security services to the paper sector.


cementThe cement industry supplies the most essential building resource for the infrastructure projects, civil construction and real estate industries that build our cities and countries. The S&ISB Group provides manned guarding solutions to maintain a peaceful and productive environment at the operating units.


sugarThe sugar sector provides the most widely consumed sweetener. The S&ISB Group provides wide-spread security services to the sector.

Mining & Natural Resources

miningThe mining and natural resources sector is a core constituent of the economy contributing significantly to development and growth. The S&ISB Group provides a wide range of security services and emergency medical services to safeguard the mining assets and employees of its customers.