A professional management and operating leadership team is critical to the success of any enterprise. One of the most valuable assets of Awadh today is its core management and operational leadership teams at the corporate, divisional and branch levels.

Awadh possesses an excellent blend of professionals from diverse backgrounds including senior managers from industry as well as ex-police and armed forces. This, by far, is the most valuable asset of the company. What makes it even more envious is the fact that the average age of Awadh’s banded managers is just around 35 years.

Being a rapidly growing enterprise, Awadh is always looking for professionally qualified, energetic and dynamic individuals with the fire to grow and excel under its Graduate Trainee Programme (GTO). The Company offers a large number of employment opportunities in its management team for a variety of people ranging from fresh graduates to experienced professionals from industry and the uniformed services. The Awadh Group provides excellent growth opportunities for a lifelong career. Many officers from this permanent cadre are in senior management positions today.

Awadh Recruitment Program

Investigation and Verification Services

Each security personnel recruited is firstly   verified for authenticity   and good character by our vigilant inspectors. By no means any person with a criminal record or engaged in unlawful activities is ever   entertained   cross proof checking   and  verifications regarding previous details and origin are done extremely carefully and only then given an appointment.

Awadh Training Services. A division of Awadh Security Services Pvt. Ltd., with years of experience in security related  training, risk   management and consultancy and management development. Originally established to  support the growth of our own organization,    we have worked    successfully for many  years  with major  public and private sector organizations. Our professional and experienced team provides a wide range of training and development services.

An edge over our competitors. Our teams of experienced professionals work on and provide a wide range of training  and development services. Our trainers are not tied down to just one training methodology, they use a whole  range of  training techniques, including formal inputs, indoor and outdoor experiential activities, psychometric tools, minoring  and  coaching that reflect our organizational culture, suit individual learning preferences as also desired outcomes. We are equally flexible in our provision of training services and organize programs that can be run at client’s own premises, at our training institution, or other convenient venues. We take great pride in the quality of all the services we offer to our clients, and that   quality is recognized and underpinned by our achievement of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality.

Selection & Recruitment

The preliminary selection of candidates interested in joining Awadh is conducted at the recruitment centers. The  screening process involves review of  academic qualification and physical quality requirement (QR)  in line with the company’s  recruitment policy. Once selected at the recruitment centers, the prospective candidates reach the nearest located   academy where verification of antecedents, medical examination, re-checking of QR and verification of all documents is conducted.Selected candidates are taken into the academy for a four-week fully residential training program.  Qualified  instructors, following the specially designed modules, that are continuously validated and updated, conduct training. The training includes both physical and theoretical sessions. There is a periodic evaluation during the  entire training period. At the end of the training program there is a qualifying criterion and those who fulfill the same are qualified for deployment through a  passing – out parade. The centralized R&T cell at the corporate office distributes the qualified candidates of   all academies to   different branches as per the business requirements projected by the branches on monthly basis. For the next six  months, R&T cell monitors the performance; retention, desertion and other per-specified parameter of the  deployed guards  and the data is analyzed by management during business review Exercise the specialized recruitment pattern and the training capabilities at the RTAs is the USP of Awadh.