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Board of Advisors

General Manager - Sri R.S Tiwari

(Ex. Asst. Commissioner of Kolkata Police)

Chief Executive Officer - B. L. Tripathi

Ex Company Commander (I. T.B.S.F)

Sri Deepak Singh Raka

(Rtd Col Indian Army)

Sri T.K Sarkar

Rtd. Commandant BSF

Recruiting Officer - Sri R.N. Sharma

(Ex – Major of Indian Army)

Mr. B. P. Banerjee

(Ex. Justice, Calcutta High Court)

Sri Kishalay Das Gupta

(Ex. Asst. Commissioner of Detective Dept. of K. P.)

Sri P. L. Dutta

(Ex-Asst Commissioner of Kolkata Police)

Sri P.N. Pandey

(Ex-Col. of Indian Army)

Dr. D. Pandey

(Ex-Medical Officer Govt. of W.B)

Sri P.K. Mitra

(Ex. Dy. Commissioner of Kolkata Police)

Sri K.P. Tiwari

(Advocate, Kolkata High Court)

Sri G.P. Tribedi

(Advocate, Kolkata High Court)